Saturday, January 22, 2011

Melaka Thaipusam 2011

BGBK and me plan an impromptu trip to Melaka on Thaipusam morning after thinking what to do. I think it is starting to become a habit. Previously, we went somewhere nearer, Sepang Gold Coast

Actually, it happen after I made some complaining. hahah.. For this is a holiday and we've got no plan?! And the shitty part was I did not bring my camera along. Double sigh. 

but but but.... obviously BGBK is kind enuf to send me home and grab it. XD

With that, I can now present to you my photos GALORE!!!!! Don't say I didn't warn you that this post is full of photos yea. :)

Finally on the way after picking up my camera. :D

First stop! Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball!!

Thank God the queue wasn't long when we reached. Waited for about 5 minutes only. :D


Satisfaction max!!

facebook much?!

Oh, and there's YAHOO!, Google, Youtube and twitter!!

And next would be Jonker 88 cendol!

Toooo sswweeeett!!!

This asam laksa is definitely LOVE! So awesome that I forgot to take a picture and started eating until BGBK reminded me. =='''

We were practically stuffed after that so we took a stroll around. :)

The oldest temple in MALAYSIA. or so they said cz it seem really new to me. ><

After eating and strolling, we're deffos tired! Stoped at the Geographer Cafe for a drink. 

Do you need any introduction for where this is?! 

IF you ever across this restaurant called Manis Sayang that serves Authentic Peranakan Cuisine/Nyonya, DO NOT ENTER! 

Ordered TomYam Seafood soup that I find it really weird where they add that vege. I don't know, maybe it's just me. And the taste wise, it's almost below average. Not a clean wipe out. (you know what I meant)

Taugeh with salted fish! Well this is a wipe out. I mean, you can't go wrong with this dish. 

Last but deffos the least likeable, sambal udang with petai. I don't know what to say, erm.... in the end, the leftover is half of the plate. 

And apparently this restaurant is fehmes! 

Hong Kong Celeb was there during 1997.

And Prime Minister of Thailand dined there too.

And it was on the local newspaper.

Oh, as well as the tv show Jalan-jalan cari makan.

Anything else? Thank God no more. I don't know why in the world those people will dine there. But I'm sure as hell, they won't go back. 

And this is the total damage done for non-satisfied meal:

                                         Sambal udang petai           RM15.00
                                         Tauge salted fish               Rm 9.00
                                         Tomyam seafood soup     RM12.00
                                         Tea                                  RM 1.60
                                         Rice                                 RM 2.40
                                         Tidbit                              RM 2.00          
                                                                                RM 42.00                   
Faster ask me if I would go back there again!!! Quick!!!!! hahahahah... Don't need to ask, I won't. 

Anyway, I snapped this on the way back. 


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