Monday, January 24, 2011

Brooklyn Bridge

I can't remember what was the temperature that day but I was sure as hell that I was frozen! not literally of course. 

Begun my journey of crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, by foot. 

When they name New York as concrete jungle, it is by literal. 

I tried to capture the bridge with no homosapien but failed miserably. Too many tourist like me. =(

More concrete jungle. :D

My attempt to be artistic. XD

The view on the left. Oh, it's almost sunset, so the sky looks romantically cold. 

This is the quarter way thru, a deck so you can snap photo. :)

I did not continue and walked to the other end of Brooklyn Bridge tho. The wind-chill was too strong that I literally can't feel my face, fingers, leg, and every other body parts. So I turn around instead. Don't you dare to boo me! At least I was there. XD

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