Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Times Square

From now on, all my New York post will be based on location, NOT based on events. Cz if I were to do so, trust me, It will take me 1 month to get it done. Anyway, this is mostly photos post. Save my brain juice. XD


The usual not crowded day. 

BTW, This is for those with bieber fever. haha.. Saw it in Toy's r Us. =='''''

Yes, this is the deco in Toy's r Us. :D

To infinity and beyonndddd!!!!!!

Found this hanging overhead. Spidey!

That's the big screen where in most action movies, the villains or superhero will crash into. So many movies till I can't remember any of them. XD

As I said, different events, so this is the New Year's Eve at Times Square. Hundreds of thousands people were there. No, I did not exaggerate. 

The event is to actually countdown and watch the Macy's ball fall to the crowd and some fireworks. Oh did I mention you need to buy a freaking ticket to do that? People actually wait there for a good spot since evening.

NYPD closed the road just for the event. ==

Oh Oh!! My first bokeh!! Thanks to Apple! Funny how she actually asked me "Do you know how to do bokeh?" So I told her I don't. And she continue to explore untill she turn around and told me she did it! hahah... In return, she taught me how to do bokeh. How cute! 

That's all I can see. :( Blame myself for being short.

Right after the countdown, we rushed to a Jap restaurant cum bar. And this is Apple!! We took this photo on the 1.1.11 and timed 1:11. Hehehe... 

And and and!!! While snapping away, I saw this Jap lady, so pretty, but with no offence, she kinda look like those typical porn star. ><

Apple & boyfie

CQ and KY

This is on the 2nd of Jan if I remember correctly. :)

All kinds of souvenir with I ♥ New York.. Anyway, I end up didn't buy any of them. Why? So that I can have a reason to go back!!!!!! Lousy reason. ><

Snapple facts! Half the reason I drinks Snapple is for the facts, the other half is cz they taste goood! 

This is the end of my Times Square photos. I actually took LOTS of photos. But it's too many of them, and I'm too lazy to upload them here. 
So, this is the infamous Times Square through my eyes. :D

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  1. Bokeh?..thats how i see stuff without specs ;)..