Thursday, January 13, 2011


BGBK's first visit to Korean Street Food in SS15. And obviously, he like the food. Like he always says, he trusted my taste. (donno hw true is that)

And while waiting for the food to arrive, we did the usual. camwhore. Who doesn't do that? seriously. 

Excuse my naked face. Well, actually, who cares?! He doesn't mind it. :D

Check out my, erm....

Don't ask me what were we trying to do. I have no freaking idea. ><

And I think we both look really cute here. Tho the photo setting is too bright. :D

This should be a week before I left to New York. Now now, can we jump a week later, the day I arrived NYC? 

It's actually quite sad with the fact that I arrived tired, hungry and also COLD! 
So we settled with take aways in our cramped up lil room. *poor me*

Spoon there for comparison. It's really a lot! 

It's actually those 4 dishes with 1 soup for 5 dollars kinda thing. 

No complains. See what I mean? 

Happily stuffing himself. ><

And this is what I meant by cramped up ok?! If you think you been worst? I don't think so. 

Anyway, next up post would be Times Square! Here's an eye candy. :D

erm, I think the photo setting is too bright. Oh well, I'm still experimenting this new camera of mine, so pls forgive me. thankiu veli much.

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