Friday, February 18, 2011

Central Park

Who would actually goes to New York without going to the Central Park? It's a big no! Anyway, this will be a photo galore as I have nothing in my thinking box.

Llucky cz as we walk, we found the Apple store! An Apple with you, keeps the Android and Crackberry away from you! ><

I swear you'll never starve with carts like this everywhere. 

Central Park from afar!

You can actually ride these carts and tour Central Park, and it might sound romantic. Sure! Minus the fact that  it stink so bad and it's 90usd per cart for an hour. No thanks. 

Wake up every morning over looking Central Park, oh-so-envious.

Thanks to these people we get to sit after walking not even quarter of Central Park. 

And it's a long stretch, I guess NYC peeps is really generous. 

I went back to Central Park lake a week later, it's frozen! Well, only the surface tho.

Yes, M.U.S.T. camwhore. ><

And here's one place that makes me squeals in excitement!!

Can you tell where is this? Maybe you can't tell from this angle. 

What bout this?! Correct!! It's the Metropolitan Museum or better known as Mets steps in Gossip Girl. 

And of coz, I M.U.S.T.  have a photo there otherwise it doesn't count! XD

That's it for now. Tata. 


  1. It made my trip not good enough coz i failed to have the open ice skating @ central park. nevertheless, this is a really good place to escape from the city.

  2. if it makes you feel any better, I didn't skate too cz I don't know how to. XD

  3. "An Apple with you, keeps the Android and Crackberry away from you!" LOL! good1...