Friday, February 11, 2011

Virgin Snow

What I can say for the title is that, my timing to New York is P.E.R.F.E.C.T. for snow. Apparently MomFi said this blizzard last happened was 10 (TEN) freaking years ago. Everybody, lets wow...... lol..

Anyway, it was a usual evening where I went shopping and a couple of hours later, I came outta Victoria's Secret, I saw this! 

I'm so excited just like a virgin having sex for the first time. LOL! I have experienced winter but not snow, so you can understand my excitement rite? Rite? Rite? XD

Herald Square, Manhattan. I was standing right in front of the largest Macy's and enjoying the snow. ><

I swear I'm tempted to stick my tongue out. kekeke..

Anyway, it did not stop snowing till the next morning. So, all the transportation is cancelled. It was literally ALL transportation is cancelled. Bus, subway, aircraft, etc. We have nothing to do and MomFi and UncleEddie got an off day due to blizzard. Yay!  

I went to da park and did this. XD 
It's fun cold. And yes, I purposely wrapped my head like an egg in case the snow is dirty. 

We also did a snowman!! Here, I would really want to thank UncleEddie for his great sacrifice. I'm so touched. *tears* 

Can you guess what is the snowman's eyes, nose and mouth? I'll give you 3 trying guess and you'd still be wrong. It was UncleEddie's glove. I insisted of using twigs and branches but he said its not pretty plus it looks dull so he tore his glove and bring the snowman to life. I swear that with my glove on, my fingers were numbed, I couldn't imagine his fingers. Reason why he did this? For me. I swear I wanted to tear on the spot. Yes, I'm that easily touched. haha..

Enough on the mushy stuff, look how thick is the snow!

Emo-boi said his sneakers and socks is wet. eeww.... haha.. And he only wore 3 layers(mostly cotton).He is the ultimate definition of walking ice man. haha..

We took a stroll by the streets before heading for lunch.

I think mainly we're torturing Emo-boi and CQ(above). Both of them wore very little but at least CQ's shoes were waterproof. 

And it's Korean for lunch!! Yums max!!This picha actually looks abit disgusting cz I ate halfway and thought of taking a picha. Half of the food was gone by then. Blame it on gluttony. haha..

That's it for today! Tata. 

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