Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Is there something that you fear without a reason? That you know will not kill you and yet, afraid as if it will kill you? Well, I do. And for the weirdest thing, it's D.E.N.T.I.S.T.

I probably need to thank my brothers for it.
Remember this movie? Maybe most sane human wouldn't watch it but my brothers made me watch them when I was a kid. This got me a little more than traumatized. You know school do have those yearly check up? I remember once, I was so fear, I was the last person in the entire school to get my teeth checked! And that was F.5! Not only that, I tear too. fml. 

And last Friday, I took up some courage and made an appointment with a dentist on V.day. Reason? My last visit to a dentist was 5 years ago. Figure that I need to get things checked and fix. I guess I don't want to wait till my teeth all decayed.

I try my best to not think of the process, noise and PAIN! When the nurse called me, I swear I wished I didn't came. Lets jump to the conclusion, I'm glad that I over came the fear. Another lesson learned, what you  feel during a kid is not necessarily true. Why, filling isn't that painful after all. I'm actually excited for my next appointment, scaling and polishing!  XD


  1. Did "cuci gigi" last month and my conclusion was, it was not too scary as long as you found the right/pro dentist. she told me that i should go n cuci gigi every 6mths to clean the "batu?" (no idea what the correct term for that)

  2. i think the correct term for "cuci gigi" is scaling and polishing and it is to remove the hardened calculus. :)