Saturday, November 13, 2010

Love from States

Today I finally went and picked up my birthday pressie in the post office.

I squealed joyful for it has arrived! All the way from Kearney, Nebraska! Was worried it may got lost and never arrived.

Anyway, this is how the parcel looks when I received it.

It's actually very sweet of Nagen to actually decorate it with a grey ribbon. I think he doesn't know what grey ribbon means. Cz if he does, he must be hoping that I get brain cancer! humph... There SEE it for yourself. LOL! On the side note, the ♥ is actually done by me to hide the address details. Well, you don't want a creepy ass lurking around your hse, rite?

I practically rip open it! hahah..

Taadaahhhh!! It's a Martini Glass but not any Martini Glass okay?! According to the description, each of their Martini Glass is HAND PAINTED! Oh ohh.. also, there's a recipe at the bottom of the glass! XD

You'd prolly think why of everything in the world, Nagen n Jun Hwang sent me a Martini Glass, but it's Alcohol that brought us closer cz that is one of our common interest! Yea yea, I know, alcohol is a lot of people's love but our friendship is not only based on that. Just like what's written on the glass, they are "My little black dress... Always there when I need it..." 

Despite the fact that there are lots of arguments, screaming, fighting crying, and hell lots that I can't possibly remember but we still manage to stay friends. There will be people saying that our friendship will drew apart cz of the distance, I say hell no! It's the distance that brought us closer.

Thank you Nagen & Jun Hwang for the pressie! ♥♥♥

P/S: Y'all are right, We cool ones NEVER age. What we do is MELLOW! ♥


  1. It really means something for someone to send you a gift from so faraway... lucky you :)

  2. Must be from someone special <333

  3. Albert & Melmonica: Yea. They are my BEST fren! XD