Monday, November 8, 2010

You Tiao

Yesh!! I love youuu tiao!!! Don't get me wrong here. I'm not cursing. You Tiao is actually food! In english, it's actually Chinese Crullers.

Yes.. It's called I love Yoo! I loike the name! ><

According to the owner of this outlet, there is currently 8 outlet thru out Malaysia. And she was actually surprised that I actually came to her outlet that is in Kota Kemuning. (for those who doesn't know where is Kota Kemuning, it's on the way to Klang by Kesas)

Look at the varieties! *drools*

The food display. Oh man, I think I can smell the food now even by looking at this photos! Forgive me, food makes me delusional. ><

Freshly fried You Tiao pyramid!! *wipes saliva*

Not to forget, my very FAVORITA!  Butterfly bun!! It's is actually the same with you tiao but the difference is, it has sesame seed!! IDK if they had some secret recipe but it is so much crunchier and the fragrant it self is to die for!

Not to forget, their Sesame ball! If I remembered correctly there are 3 types of sesame ball. Lotus, Peanuts and Red beans.

Me and BGBK had was the Dry Scallop Porridge. BGBK was never a fan of porridge, but guess what? He likes it too! Partly cz there's you tiao and other sides. Also cz the porridge is really smooth! Almost like soup. Thick soup. Yummilicious max!

Butterfly bun! Cut into bit size.

I picked Lotus while BGBK picked Peanuts.

I really gotta stop looking at the photos! It's making me hungry again! Shall go and satisfy my cravings soon! XD


  1. your photos are getting better :)
    and they have chuk to eat youtiao's with! <3