Saturday, October 30, 2010


It's BGBK's birthday today and I have a surprise for him!!!!! It took me about 3 and half hours to prepare it with some damages done. Well, that's not the point!! This is actually the first time I'm surprising him and I don't know how well he take the surprise or does he actually like surprises. I'm actually getting very paranoid. What if it didn't go as I planned? What if he didn't like the surprise? What if the surprise, wasn't much to him? At this point, I feel like I need someone to shake me real hard and tell me it's gonna be okay. 

Yeah, worst come to worst, he's gonna hate the surprise and thinks I'm a sucky planner. That's all rite? *hyperventilates* Oh wait, he had a car accident yesterday. Nothing serious, he's not hurt. Thank God. Someone hit him at the back. And I know he's not too happy about it. What if this incident affected his mood? sigh

 I remember he said that he will appreciate everything that I do, but....  IDK... I think I'm just being paranoid. humphh... I always does this. There will always be something to worried about which is completely unnecessary! There will be a million things that runs thru my mind with all the "What if". For now, all I hope is that he'll like the surprise. In the mean time, let me go back to my what ifs. 

P/S: Happy Birthday BGBK! 

Have a awesome weekend and Happy Halloween!

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