Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Guilty as charged

I know as a blogger, I have failed max! This is only the second post for this month. But I must say, I have been reaaalllyy busy..... If you remember that the Cop was on leave for a week! So practically, I have been given the power to rule the kingdom as I wish! nyeh nyeh... It was quite fun to actually play as the King for a day but slowly I realize it's actually no fun! There's so much to take care of and the cell phone just wont stop ringing.

But thank God, at least after work, there's someone to keep me company. =) After that one week of freedom, I'm back to hell. The real King is back to rule. T_T
Worst is, I was reminded that I have to go for a training sponsored by the SME Corp. Oh well, if the Gov wants to give you some money, they will first torture you. By sending you for training that falls on a Friday and Saturday.

Looking at the photo makes me sleepy already. At least, that is the first impression. As it goes, I find it quite interesting! I kinda love it. Call me sick for loving Finance Management. haha.  The training on Sat actually ends 5pm sharp! So, there I go, taking my own sweet time driving to KLCC to meet BGBK for dinner. Yummylicious food, people watching and funny laughs is deffos a good way to end the day. =)

Proceeding to Sunday where I lazed myself to the max! Had breakfast while marathon-ing Gossip Girl season  4 ♥.  And took a #napwithmusicplayinginthebackground that ended up to be a sleep! And was awaken by the loud knocking on my door. humph... Woke up and got ready for Alvin & Coco's wedding dinner.

 It is deffos a beautiful wedding. ♥ They made their grand entrance with bubbles floating around them and paper crackers popped in the air with colourful papers floating everywhere. Very creative I must say. :)

And, yes, that roughly summarized why the whole time I have been missing in action. A lot of things has been going on and I wouldn't say it's all bad or all good. =) Although all this explanation, it still does not gives me a reason to neglect my blog. Here I am owning up for not able to commit properly. So, stop throwing rotten veg! haha.

I promise that I will update for this weekend's. Why? Cz it's moi's birthday on the Friday and on the Saturday, it's the H-Artistry Event. =) All the reason to drink up, no?

Cheers to great weekend ahead!

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