Wednesday, October 27, 2010

22nd on 22nd

When I'm done with 21st, I kinda slowed down on my parties and hopefully, my drinking too. So after work, I went to BGBK's place to change and get ready. Not to mention I'm running late, so I just walked in and wanted to immediately get ready. But, he stopped me, and pulled out a bouquet of flowers! 

They're soooo beautiful!! 

After that, I went and get ready for our dinner. But he's one sneaky fella. As we were about to leave, he pulled out Tiramisu from Alexis. God knows how I surprised and stoned I was. ><

It's deffos the most delicious cake ever. XD We ended up so full that we decided to go for a light dinner instead. Hahaha... My dinner plan failed max!! 

After dinner, we headed to Library the Curve for some chill drinking session with some friends that turned out not so chill for me. ==

Howevilla members 

Roseline and Samantha 

Oh, how can I forget that Roseline babe, got me a birthday pressie! teeheeeee... They made me open the pressie on the spot! 

It's a lingerie! ahahahaha..... So seeee thru! And excuse me. Gotta sensor my face. tooo obscene already. LOL..

Thanks babe! I it. 

Then the party is crashed joined by Aires and the gang. It's sooo nice to see them after such a lonnng time! 

And then, there's another cake! Thanks to Alvin Goh for the arrangements. 

In all the following photos, I  looked super weird cz I'm caught off guard and still in the surprise mode. teeehheeee...

  Even BGBK looks weird here! LOL...

Make a wish! *I want..................................

Made time for some camwhoring session with the Sri Lankan! XD I told him that I like to camwhore with him cz he made me look prettier. HAHAHA..

Thank you Mr.Onn!

Bryan came late! hmph...

I was quite 'there' when I took this photo. ><

A birthday will not be complete without a Flaming Lamborghini rite? Thanks Stevie Wonder!

From now on, do not focus on me in the photos, please focus on the guy behind me, Bryan.

Can you SEEEEEEE that!? OMG. I didn't  know till I went through the photos.

Look at that wicked smile. =__=

And I wonder how come my drink toook so long to finish. 

That's what I call a bottomless Flaming my friend!

Throat is burning!!!!

Look at this Stevie Wonder! Smilling so happily. lol..

It's very hard to strut a pose when you just tried to finish a bottomless flaming and felt all crappy in the mouth. 

Not done with my flaming, another glass is handed over to me. =___=

And this KY not satisfied cz I didnt finish my flaming added ice samor! 

Trust me, that is the most digusting drink I had in my entire life. Thanks to Bryan for adding all the B.Label. 

All like watching show. 

Thanks for coming peeps!  And that sums up my 22nd! XD

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