Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Facebook PM

I'm very sure most girls will receive private message/PM from anonymous asking you to be friends with them or whatsoever.

Well, I received them often and this most recent PM is enough to trigger me to blog about it.

 A random message of : hey i nvr see u on msn de? :)

At first, I thought I knew him from somewhere or whatsoever. But, guess what? I don't know who are you! So you can't possibly have my MSN account. Is this how you start a conversation? With a LAME pick up line? Are you hoping to kick off a conversation and get to know me for real? Sad to disappoint you, it's not gonna happen!

All the above is definitely not enough to trigger this post. What pisses me off the most is that this bugger is married!

What kind of freak that says his fav quotation is : i love you my wife? Sorry but all I see in you is just a pathetic loser. I feel even more sorry for your wife if you even have one in the first place.You don't even have the brains to cheat. Displaying information like this, which idiot would bite the bait? Or is it that your wife is not giving you enough shag? Do I need to remind you, there's always Chow Kit Road? It could be true that most women find taken man attractive, but not me. Or in this case, not you dude.

PM as much as you want but let me warn you guys out there, if you're married or taken, you should behave like what you should be. Yes, you'd probably thinks that your wife or girlfriend wouldn't know? Let's just say what comes around, goes around.

P/S: M.L, Go get a life if you don't have one already.

Have a nice day peeps!