Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Escape goat tak jadi

A client called and made a complain regarding some defected wooden pallets. Supposedly, my dad is the one who goes and settle problem like this. But today, he pushed me out! with the excuse that he's in Seremban.

I kindly obliged. But deep down inside me, I was like "omg omg omg!! die la.. sure kena shoot from client d. T_T!!" And finally, I kamikaze and went!

Guess what? The client arrogantly threw a photo of a defected pallet on the table and expect me to explain. I took a glance and in no time, I said " Sorry Sir, I don't think this is our product. Our pallet do not spray paint a 'T'. Instead, it's numbered."

Not satisfied with my answer, he insisted that is ours and said every pallet is sprayed that way. Geeezz!!! Just to prove to him that is not our pallet, I asked him if he has this pallet in the store with him now? No, apparently the pallets is exported to some foreign country already. Again, I suggested that we take a walk to his store and I will be able to point out which is our product. He kept quiet. lol..

And to add more to seriousness of the problem, he said our pallets has pest. omg wei. All say no prove. Ask him to show me, say all exported already. When give me the photo, not our pallet. What is this?! You screw up and kena from ur boss, don't pick us to operate can?


Instantfi 1: 0 Client

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  1. wala!!! heheh is good to be true.. we can put that guy ashame ma hahah