Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The problem with me is I complains, a lot! I think I can probably pass as a Singaporean at the rate of me complaining bout things. Well, I think it has something to do with who you hangs out with. :P

I think I'm kinda seeing someone but there's a distance problem. We are really trying to make things work. The thought of it makes me feels all warm n fuzzy although sometimes I feel like giving up. And it drives him to frustration. But one thing I must give it to him is, he calls me every, I repeat every night. No matter how tired he is or whatsoever. I guess it's to make sure we don't feel like strangers when we see each other each time.
And it drives me nuts when he's falling asleep and yet still don't want to hang up. Quite cute actually. He's sensitive with a pinch of jealousy and probably an ego size of _______ (yet to find out).
We try to be adventurous, two weeks ago, half hour before I off work, we were on the phone. And later on, he decided to fly me over for the weekend. Very movie-alike. Lol..
But obviously it's not gonna be him contributing all the time otherwise it would be really taxing on him, so I did flew over the following week.

We finally had our first argument after 3 weeks! It's only 3 weeks ffs! I would think the reason we argued is really stupid but we started with a distance and we did not had a chance to get to know each other like every other couple did. I am trying very hard but it doesn't seem enough. At the rate of how soon we already argued, you can do the math yourself. I know I will regret what I says now because I find myself cares too much for him. For that, I'm gonna call myself, stupid. Do you agree?


  1. LDR relationships can work but you both have to work really hard at it!

    Good luck Fiona! :)

  2. Thank you Huai Bin!! I really needs it. Finding a job in Sg is a pain in the arse. oh well... =/