Saturday, October 15, 2011

False alarm

Okay.. This post is to write something nice to compensate my previous angry post + I think it didn't do Moink justice. Even so, I wouldn't remove previous post as it was written with the companion of anger and it was just how I feel. We settled our issues, and back as a happy couple. I wouldn't say the problem will never arise again, but at least we have a better understanding of each other. I'm all smiley but unfortunately, I feel like I'm gonna fall sick.

Anyway, I couldn't sleep so all kinds of thoughts ran thru my mind and I realize how happy I am being with Moink. He's very sensitive bout my feelings and welfare. Having our relationship started with a distance, the only thing he does is to ensure things works between us. The only thing I need to worry about is, he has an evil scheme. He wants to feed me so much I become a fatty. T_T
With that happen, I will be grounded even before my flying duty starts. Those who don't know yet, I will be starting my training with X airline end of this month. Hence, I can't afford to be fat and I did not see him for almost 2 weeks, I think I manage to lose some weight. :P At the mean time, I'm counting my days till I see him again. Can't wait to see you Moink!

Alrighty.. I'm feeling sleepy head now. Will share more soon.


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