Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I hasn't blog for a very long time... yada yada yada... everyone has excuses for not updating and here's mine. I've been very very busy. I know, everyone is!

Anyway, I an airline company and moved half across the country to our neighbor Singapore more than 2 weeks ago. And everyday is an exciting adventure for me as I don't know what to expect! Everything is so new to me! At first I thought of how different can it be? You know, moving to Singapore and getting use to living there. Truth be told, it's not easy! I need to learn to take the bus and mrt. Most importantly, having someone to guide you. What's more can I complain right? But even up until today, I wakes up 3 hours before my training starts cz I'm afraid of being late.

I now have dark circles that can compete with China panda I swear! I'm sleepy by 8 or 9 although I usually sleep 11 plus, latest 1. I consider it as quite an achievement cz usually I need about 12 hours undisturbed sleep. Sigh... I can barely keep my eyes open now. Gotta crash. Till I update again.


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