Monday, November 28, 2011

People and things that matters

So I have some time today to blog as my class only starts at 2 today. woot!! Thought I could update the photos during my birthday/farewell with my family. It's backdated, about 1 month and 6 days late. A day before me leaving to Singapore, had Korean bbq! I thought the food was not bad but most importantly, I enjoyed the time with them.

I knew I was gonna miss them like I never did before but I also knew this is what it takes for me to really appreciate what I have.They say, when you lose some, you gain some. And I actually thought I didn't really lose that much when all I gain is becoming closer to my family emotionally. Sometimes, distance is all it takes to bring people closer. I know that very well beforehand, *ahem* had some first hand experience.

I almost melted when I saw the birthday cake as I was expecting a normal icing of "happy birthday". Yes, that was how strange me and my family was. The "Lovely Family" and all the , aaaawwww.... tears. We often forgot, it's always the smallest things that people do that moved us.

Birthday/farewell gift from daddy and bro. It's funny that daddy got me a key when I have already past the 21st threshold. I guess this is an approval from daddy to set me free. When I was leaving, I could see daddy's teary eyes and he said "This is her first time being so far away". We both so wanted to cry but oh well, we are taking baby steps to be expressive. 

Enough with the mushy stuff, I'm just really home sick. Anyway, daddy and bro is coming to visit soon! Woot.... although sis in law can't make it, maybe the next trip. That's it for now. 

xo ♥ 

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  1. very touching, happy for u. I know its kinda late saying this LOL! wahahah but yeah! Im happy for everything that has happen to u.