Monday, December 19, 2011

Essentials to survive in Singapore

So I moved to Singapore for close to 2 months in a few days time. What I really learn or realize is that every single soul that plans to live in Singapore needs to have 3 most important items. With this 3 important items, you can go places!

So, item #1.......

Yes, umbrella. Preferably pink. Why? Because in Singapore, the weather can be worst than a woman having menopause. Why again u ask? It has been raining non-stop for 3 days in a row! At first, it's kinda nice cz it's cooling and whatsnot but once it continues non-stop, it's kinda annoying/digusting/frustrating/etc. Every time you step outta the house, you get wet! Not fun!

Moving on, item #2.....

EZ Link card. I'm sure everyone has an ez link card. Seriously, who doesn't right? For the benefit of those who don't know, ez link is a card where you can travel by bus or train without the trouble of carrying loads of coins. I wouldn't suggest train for now though. The MRT has been breaking down on a regular basis recently. haha..  Anyway, I adopted the kiasu-ness and got myself two ez link!! Well, it's so that in case I didn't have enough value on one, I have the other. =)

Last but not least, item #3....

Yes, that's an iPhone 4/4S, whatever. No difference to me. In my case, my 3gs works perfectly fine for me, so I don't see a reason for you green-eyed monster out there to have an excuse to change your phone. Wait for iPhone 5 I say! haha. Anyway, with an iPhone apps where you can use your current location and find out which bus or train you need to take. Best of all, you can also check what time the bus/trains arrives. You'll also realize the music helps you kill time, lots of it.

There you go, all the items that I think I won't be able to survive without while go around in Singapore.  Although, I would like to add an item #4.

Do keep in mind that with item #4, you can screw item #1,2,and 3 if you want. But item #3 is really important so forget it and screw item #1,#2.

What's that you ask???

Loads of cash like you just robbed a bank. Anywhere I go, I'd have a limousine with me. haha..  And if limo ain't grand enough for you, maybe a helicopter then, since Singapore is so congested. I will also then ask you to refer to item #1. Not to prevent you from getting wet, but the weather. Go figure!

That's it folks,

Till then. xoxo

Disclaimer: The items #1,#2,#3 is only useful if you have some of the cash like #4, then you can get all three(3) items. 

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