Sunday, December 25, 2011

X'mas in Singapore

Merry X'mas folks!! Hope you had a bunch of good times with turkey, ham, sausages and most importantly family and friends! I certainly did, although not exactly during Christmas, but last week. Daddy and my brother came to visit me!! So happy I can cry. haha..

All this time, I know he is getting older everyday, but what I didn't know is he has aged so much. So fast that I am suddenly afraid that I can't catch up with him. Ohh... How I miss him!! *tears*
Christmas has yet to end but in my mind, I can't stop thinking bout going home during Chinese New Year!! It's less than a month's time and trust me, I'm counting my days.

Here, I must also thank my  bringing them around. It was a short trip, in fact too short. They arrived just nice for lunch. Right after lunch, we showed my dad the place I'm staying then and to Universal Studios for a walk. Immediately dinner in Chilis. Then shopping. The end. Next day, they went back as I've got to work and I'm not allowed to take leave. Short and sweet .

Have and awesome time during this festive season peeps! Till then. xo

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