Saturday, November 12, 2011


As part the requirement as a cabin crew, I need to bun my hair up. Neat and tidy. Unfortunately, my hair is very long and thick. All the way to my lower back. And yes, I chopped my hair. First time, I went and chopped off 3 inches and thought I can bun them now.

I was wrong. So wrong, it is still very heavy n thick to be bun up. So off I go, chopped off another 3 1/2 inches more. Trust me, it is a very heart breaking moment. I've kept them so long and not to mention I love to curl my hair!! I can throw my tong away now. My hair is only at the armpit length now. T_T

(excuse the messiness of my room) 

This is to give you and rough idea of how long my hair was when curled. Now, it's gone. All gone!! I don't even wanna take photo of my hair now. And I was thinking, since I already chopped off so much, might as well chop all and go slightly above shoulder length, no?

Sigh... never mind me. I think this is the post syndrome after my hair being chopped off.


  1. Hi, not to worry, hair will grow back in no time. Anyway short hair can make a person look more classy! Pls do read my story, thks:)

  2. I cant grow them back cz if I do, I cant bun them. *sniff sniff*