Saturday, September 22, 2012

Singapore vs Malaysia

It seems like I will be put through some tough decision making from time to time. Life that is. I still remember when I was 21, I made the decision to quit my college and went back working for my dad. Thinking back, it felt like it was a really long time ago. Last year, I made the decision to quit and be a flight attendant. I can't exactly say joining this company is my dream. The occupation is but not the company but I still joined it nevertheless. Reason being; for a man. So I could be with him in Singapore.

No, this is not a long ass post on how I miss him and wants him back or whatsoever. I received a phone call from my dad this evening. He asked me how is working in Singapore, how's everything.Then he proceeded to his purpose of calling; asking me to move back. He calls and bring up this topic since the day I moved to Singapore but stopped when he realized the intention of me being in Singapore(i.e. for my then bf). He then kept asking me to think of a business to start in Singapore. He doesn't like the idea of me working for others. My dad is the typical chinese businessman, the idea of being your own boss is the best.

Today he calls as usual asking me bout things and then, he asked me to move back. I was rather shock as I thought we are through with this moving back phase. I have to say, he is my dad after all. I don't need to tell him how's my job or how's my relationship and he can see through everything just based on my behavior. I never mention a single bit on the fact that my relationship ended but somehow he understands without me saying. It's like "the show's over, it's time to go home".

I am surprised and moved by his understanding and love towards me but I'm also in a dilemma. I honestly grew to like it here although it is really tough to be alone in a foreign country. I would miss my family and friends from time to time, wish there's someone to have my back when I needed it the most but I also believe this is what that made me grew so much. I learned to appreciate them so much more.

< Dad 0 - 1 Fiona >

What I earn is more that enough for myself yet not enough to live the life my dad imagined for me. I mean, for now, everything is just nice but if I looked in to it for another 5 to 10 years, not so nice. haha.. He had a point there.

< Dad 1- 1 Fiona >

I remember when I first started my job, I wasn't happy at all. I couldn't stand the politics and I find it hard to keep up to everyone's standard. I have to say, that's the problem for being new but the good news is, you won't forever be new. I am starting to get comfortable and slowly learning to love it although there are bad days as well. Then again, who doesn't has bad days at work? Besides, whenever I thought of breaking bond, I remembered the promise I made to my trainer. I know promises are meant to be broken but not for me. I would never ever make a promise unless I am certain I can keep it. At least break it cz I am forced or had no other choice. I knew a lot of people who goes with the promises are meant to be broken or it is empty in the first place. haha.. Anyway, my dad asked me how much to pay if I quit now. I know money is not an issue but I don't want to leave with a bad name. I don't want to break a promise. Not my principle.

< Dad 1 - 2 Fiona >

I can come up with more reasons to stay e.g. I can't see myself moving back and live there anymore. Excuses I know but... I guess for now, my dad ain't winning. I moved to Singapore with a strong purpose and although it's not there anymore, I need an even stronger reason to move back home.


  1. Fiona, think very hard about why you want to go back to Malaysia. I know it's a lot of fun and exciting living in the present but Robert's tendencies also means that you may get your heart broken again.

    What I'm trying to say is, truly know why you're coming back to Malaysia. Don't let it be because of a man. Don't repeat the same mistake.

    For the record, let me just say I have nothing against Robert Downey Jr. Just that, I read his thoughts and he's broken and if you want to be together with him, you'll need to be very very strong and not try to change him (because then you'll see him as he truly is, and you won't like it).

    Sorry, "Robert". Wish I had more encouraging words.

    1. Well, I am not planning to move back anytime soon. And if I did, it would be for a man as well. My dad that is. There is a lot of things that concerns me e.g. he's getting old.

      Thank you so much for your concern but my question is, how do you know who Robert is? And how do you know exactly his behaviors and thoughts? Please do share with me as I'm curious how much you know bout Robert. haha..

  2. Well, isn't Robert the one you went to Fraser's Hill with? If that's not Robert, then I apologise for misunderstanding. The timing was.....