Friday, April 15, 2011

Phuket part 2

Yess... I have finally gotten off the lazy ass and decided to work on my day 2 in Phuket. Even at this moment right now, I wonder should I blog when my temper is rising. People should really stop pissing me off. You can try and knock me and I will try to ruin your life! You can talk to me, I will just put on a deaf ear. You wonder why there's a smile on my face with a screw you attitude, it's cz from now on, I'm living for myself!

Anyway, on day 2, we went for island hoping that includes, Maya Island, Phi Phi Island, and Khai Island. Woke up at freaking 6.45am!

As usual, the first day of breakfast taste the best cz the following days are the same. *sigh*

Some artsy shot, definitely not by me! Anyway, we took the speedboat and head to the first stop, Maya Island!

I'd like to say the beach is really beautiful but.....

I really thinks it is over populated. It's not peaceful nor relaxing.

Although the beauty is undeniable. After 45 mins on this island, we were brought out to the middle of the sea, again.

And here I am, ready to snorkel. Don't ask why I'm wearing a life jacket. I have to... all because of BGBK! I don't wanna talk about it. *sigh*


There's also this cave where people live there and collect bird nest to be exported to many places. *Oh really*

There's a pit stop for monkey feeding. I was hoping they know how to swim in case one of the tourist pull and drop them into the water. *HAHAHAHA*

With all the activities, it was real quick for lunch time!!

For some funny reasons, they provided spaghetti. Oh well, ya know~ some people are not very adventurous. haha..
Walked around the island and took a quick dip in the water.. cooling best!

It will be picture perfect without those yacht. Again, it's too freaking commercialized!

As we walk, we saw some special service. 

150BAHT?! That is dirt cheap! Guess what is it please.....










It's fish spa you pervs!! I still gotta credit them smart. Some pervs might not give a second thought and walk in. LOL!

Lemme introduce you to this bunch of mischievous boys. I wouldn't call them man. Anyway, they're from Iran and without them, our trip would probably be really dull and boring. Through out the whole trip they sang, dance, and also bullied one of their friend. Really entertaining. 
Took 45 mins from Phi Phi island to Khai Don, they was very excited and sang and shout, oh I would say they're really rowdy but heck! I'm on a holiday, lets have some fun! :D 

It didn't last very long till everyone fall asleep from the very filling lunch. including me. haha.

Khai Nai, no idea what the heck that means. sounds erm..... kai nai? -_-

Anyway, that's it for the day 2. There's toooo freaking many photos and I don't wanna flood it with this post. Oh Facebook, love you lots. 


  1. Its such a beautiful place, what more with the food offered. so much of beach activities too.

  2. sausage lips(u know who=P)April 20, 2011 at 11:50 AM

    Hey, can post your pics normally? it's so annoying to click it one by one!!! Makes me skip the pics all the time!!

  3. huh? what do u mean? here or fb? i don't understand what are u talking about.