Friday, April 8, 2011

Phuket revisited

I can't remember exactly at what age I was when I first visited Phuket so this trip is like Phuket revisited while everything is so refreshing. Anyway, our flight was at 12.40 noon. Just nice.

We shared a van with Samantha and group so it'll be cheaper for everyone. :P

Our room number! Anyway, we stayed at Baan Yuree Resort & Spa.

The room is actually quite spacious despite the fact that the view is rather disappointing.

It promised to be a sea/mountain view. Yes, mountain view, far far away. hahaha..

Not to mention our access card didnt work and we waited 10 minutes for the technician to fix it. Once the door is fixed, there's no electricity. Totally ruined the mood.

The employee were actually playing this game I don't know what. You throw the metal ball to hit the other metal ball. Quite fun, only if you can play well. =(

And obviously I sucked at it. I was given 6 balls to hit 3 balls. I only hit 1. fml.

My aiming is totally outta the way. =_=

I swear if I were to tell the tuk tuk where we stay by road instead of our hotel, we'll never be home.

It's really convenient for the motorcyclist since there's one of this everywhere!  

BGBK is the happiest. haha.

As we walk, there's this cute VW that turns out to be a bar. Love it!

The wide range of drinks to choose, one will be spoilt with choices!

The interior is pink too! Mad love.

As we walk, we randomly picked this restaurant for dinner. 

Can't remember what's this. -_-

Pad Thai. Bgbk claims that this is not how it's suppose to be. 

Tom yum goong! not very spicy, i'm disappointed. huhu...

White version of it. has a very milky taste that I find it to be average. Spicy is my thing!

The dinner turned out to be an average dinner with small portions. Which cost 800 bahts!

Totally wouldn't be back for it. Though we saw some white peeps learning cooking with them. haha..

This is the last stop where I negotiated for our activities. If I'm not wrong, this is the 6th stall and I manage to get our island hoping 1 day trip and atv&elephant trekking at a slashed cheap price. haha. Talk about bargaining, we girls z best!

My next stop. Getting ink temporarily.

 Call me chicken shit, I don't care! I don't want to be 40 y/o and look at my own tattoo and still think its cool cz it won't be anymore.

Although pain would be one of the factor but if you know me, I would go pretty far just to be pretty. Just not this one.

Based on our dinner, we're definitely not satisfied. Which calls for supper time!

Got ourselves some milk, instant noodles, chocolates, oh so sinful. 

But the sinful-ness feeling was immediately disappear when we remembered that we hatta climb a steep hill to reach our hotel. fol.

It's ok to eat.

It was quite a day. Full of surprises and ups and downs. Literally. Anyway, I will be uploading the rest of the photos to my FB. And then, I'll decided when I would be getting off my lazy ass and blog for the second day. 

Till then,  xoxo.


  1. muacks babe~~ thanks for the wonderful trip that you organized for us, let's have more in the future, k?? hehe! :D

    Roseline & Yee Chien

  2. yea...the view really ruined...i agree with that...did you manage to et yourself a hardrock T... feel free to visit me

  3. Roseline: No prob babe! Will be glad to have another trip with y'all!!

    KumFye: I didnt got any. BGBK did! A T inspired by The Who. :)