Monday, March 28, 2011


is one thing I love and hate. I want long luscious lashes and for that, I need to put loads of mascara. Not to mention the smudges and they can be expensive too! For me the problem is when you're removing them. I have to keep rubbing them till my eyelids red just to make sure they're clean. I'm sure we girls practically share the same pain.

Thanks to all forms of influence, I decided to go for eyelash extensions. I actually think it's the greatest invention ever! haha. I actually did it once when I was 16, not too sure. Yes, vain started early! MomFi said the first time I said I wanted to diet when I was 5. Can you believe it? Me neither cz it's either I have very bad determination or it's just fate for me to stay this way.

I started to do some research on eyelash extensions and making phone calls. Guess what? I called 13 outlets with no luck. THIRTEEN! All of them is either they don't provide the service anymore or they don't even have that service. wtf? Then please freaking remove it from your website la fuck! *deep breath* Anyway, the 14th outlet, which is Amante Taipan. Thank Lord they have it! :D

Less talk, lets look at my eyelash before the extensions. Please ignore the stye cz this is the only photo that I can find.

Urrmm... You understand my pain now? My original eyelash looks so sad. haha.

The alternative is always the fake eyelashes.
But does anyone knows how torturing to wear them? The glue, the precision to put them on, oh God! Who needs them when we can have eyelash extensions!

No make up at all! Long luscious lashes! Best part is, I don't need bother bout my lashes any more! Throw all the mascara in to the dustbin. haha. I probably need to touch up the fallen lashes once every 2 months or so. Still love it max! Totally recommend it! 


  1. Have not tried the extensions although was tempted many times, I used the lash conditioner and see much changes in the length of my lashes.

  2. wow... good for you. I tried it before and it definitely showed some improvement but i think the extensions save lots time from make up. :)