Friday, March 18, 2011

Sleep cycle

Read this and thank me later for if you don't know bout this yet. For you will sleep and wake up more energised! Well, the down side is, you need an iPhone to do this. If you don't fyl.

Yes, you got it right. It's an app but not just any app. It's a bio-alarm clock that analyses your sleep pattern and wakes you up at your lightest sleep cycle. It's like waking up without an alarm clock and you'll feel more rested and relaxed.

The question is how does iPhone does it or is it even possible right? Well, in every iPhone there's a accelerometer and with this app, it monitors your movement and determines which sleep phase you're in. Anyway, Imma cut the crap and show you my sleep cycle! 

This is my first night. I think this is a typical sleep graph. 

With some alcohol influence. :D

This is the 2 nights were I had the nice dreams that woke me in sorrow. What deep sleep does to a person. sigh. 

The conclusion is not how the graph looks like actually. It's how the alarm clock wakes you up. Lets say you want to wake up at 7.30am. So set at 7.30, but the alarm will choose a time from 7am to 7.30 where you're in your lightest sleep. Almost everyday I felt like I woke up automatically. Feels really nice and I haven't slept a night without it. Go try it! It's only 0.99cents. Again, its for the awesome iPhone users only. :D

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