Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I have this sudden flood of thought and I'm gonna write it down while it is still in my tiny box. I started thinking about what is the scariest thing on earth and to my realization, it's not ghost, beast or any lethal weapon but it's human itself. The reason why it's human is cause of the unknown. We all know what damage can be done by a ghost or beast or weapon but we will never know what a human being is thinking. Sure there are some human that is more simple and predictable, but what I'm saying here are those more complex human being. I'm sure everyone has experience at least once in their lifetime that a person that they knew once became a total stranger. Right? 

I like to describe a human as a room. It's how we decorate it and mould it to become who we are. We can decorate it with fancy things and live like the upper class society member living in the fast lane, or we provide the most basic thing for the room and be contented. Or we can decorate like a room of terror! Better still, have all those in one room. It is quite possible when you see it as a room with switches. What terrifies me is that, what causes the switch to flip in a split second? Let's just say plenty of reasons and let's not go there, shall we? 

Then the saying of be careful for what you wish for popped in to my box. We always wish, dream, pray, etc for something in our life, be it realistic or fantasy. Probably out of ten wishes, there's five fulfilled based on the fact that the other five is fantasies.haha.. We human really do wish and dream alot! XD 
I am going to be daring and say after all those things that we ask for, we only need one thing. Security. That's because what we fear the most is the unknown. Because no matter how hard a person try, shit still happens. 

We need to know that our wealth is secure, our health is secure, our relationship is secure but how the hell will we ever know that? Nobody can ever predict the future and please spare me with the fortune telling or horoscope or zodiac reading. It is actually mind over matter. You want to secure every aspect of your life? Secure your mind and allow no venom penetrating your mind telling you things you don't want it to happen.Yes, things happen because you let it happen. Problems arise because you created it in the first place. Mind is a powerful weapon that we have so little control over. Yes, at the end of my thought, I have no conclusion but to tell myself to strengthen my mind and gain more control . Such a simple thing yet such a long thought. LOL. 

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