Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Face it

I actually made this site a place to pour out my thoughts that some people would dread to read. Then again, it's my site and people who tell me to be careful of what I post here cz bla bla bla... Lets's just say, I don't care. You're not one of the 3F's.

Anyway, this morning, I woke up feeling O.K. actually. Can't remember exactly what but before I fell asleep I found a damn good reason not to call him any more. Also, when my sis was being so supportive she allowed me to disturb her any time until I'm fine but after that, she'll charge me. >< Daddy said it's better to be loved than loving someone. This isn't the best advise but if you can't love each other well, find someone who loves you. Someone who finds you beautiful even your hair is messy, and still smells good with the sweat. In short, someone who sees right through your imperfection and still loving it.

Anyway, bout my gym workout, I kinda got the rhythm. My packs is not back yet but hell, I'm losing some tummy as I see this morning. Besides, I still have less than seventeen days to Phuket, I probably won't look the best, but at least my best! Wish me luck! :D

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