Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Yes, this is still a post on Phuket but I promise this shall be the last. Too freaking lazy to actually blog about day 3 so I just uploaded the photos on FB and now, blog on our last day of dinner. :D

Yes, if you were ever to be in Phuket and looking for fine dining, Whitebox is the place to be. Just remember to call for reservation and they will have a car come to pick you. And location. Awesome huh? XD

This will be a food only post.

The entrance. :)

Appetizer; Phuket Lobster Soup perfumed with Cognac. There's literate chunks of lobster in it. :P

Appetizer; Mushroom Cappuccino with White Truffle Oil & Pan Fried Scallops.

As for the main course, this!
Nue Yang Prick Thai Dam. It's actually grilled beef tenderloin with black pepper sauce and stir fried bean sprout. Medium rare, perfection!

Scallops & Prawns. :D with trio sauce, air texture of Parmesan, Risotto with Saffron and Parmesan.

  There's a bar upstairs with the view and breeze.... bliss.

Perfect place to spend an evening with the perfect partner. ok.. scratch the last one. It's a perfect place.